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Unlikely Alliances was established in 2010 when Simon Berry left full-time employment to concentrate on ColaLife which he had founded and run on a voluntary basis for the previous two years.

Unlikely Alliances is the trading name of Simon Berry and associates and provides services to help organisations be more effective and efficient by learning from each other, renewing thinking and analysing options for doing things differently.

We draw on experience and contacts spanning civil society, government departments, corporates, community groups and social enterprise, in the UK and internationally. Our strengths are establishing trust, building partnerships and making things happen. We do this face to face and through the use of social media. We have a leading edge understanding of applying new media to harness the convening power of the internet, to promote innovation, engagement in civil society and new corporate and customer relationships.

50% of the profit made by Unlikely Alliances is donated to ColaLife on a year by year basis. This policy is reviewed annually.

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