Unlikely Alliances is the trading name of Simon Berry and Associates.

Simon works primarily with his partner Jane Berry and they use their wide network of associates to pull in the complementary skills they need for each assignment.

Simon Berry | May 2010

Simon is a recognised innovator/social entrepreneur. He gained community development expertise in South America (early 80s) and has managed innovative projects in the UK and abroad since 1984, when he was commissioned by the British Overseas Development Agency (ODA, now DfID) to manage a politically sensitive co-operation project at Alexandria University, Egypt.

From 1986-9 he managed institutional development in Northern Zambia (ODA). On his return to UK he combined international consultancy with establishing a UK-based charity/social enterprise (ruralnet|uk), which brought internet-based innovations and early social media applications to support rural areas and support networks.

Simon has managed partnership projects, both large and small, including the EU funded Regionet project (budget 3.4 mECU; 34 public, private and NGO partners from 9 countries).

More recently, he managed a cross-departmental Ministerial Task Force for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs involving 4 Ministers and 16 NGOs, where his team won the national Compact Award for Excellence in cross-sector working.

Simon has won a number of other awards and nominations in social enterprise and open innovation, and is qualified in Project Management in addition to Undergraduate and Masters degrees.

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Jane has worked with Simon for over 20 years on various projects. A wordsmith by vocation, she found an outlet in researching and writing Business Plans and funding bids for non-profits and Social Enterprises, as well as managing a range of capacity building programmes for the ‘Third Sector’.

A qualified Business Counsellor and trainer, she has a track record as an inventive and creative project manager, designing whole programmes as well as events, tools and learning games to bring enterprise concepts to the non-profit sector. These have included Women’s Enterprise and ICT initiatives for EU-funded programmes; DirectSupport – organisational development for small community-based enterprises – commissioned by the UK’s Department for Education and Skills (now DIUS), and net:gain – an ICT strategic development programme for non-profits.

Jane originally trained as a linguist and spent over 12 years in developing countries teaching English; she has also been on Social Enterprise study trips to China, Japan and in Europe. Jane has been involved in successful partnership working with Local Authorities, Government Departments, non-departmental bodies, Higher Education institutions, Support Organisations, Social Enterprises and community groups. She is a consummate ‘digester of detail’ and a ‘completer-finisher’ who likes the challenge of delivering to deadline and budget. | +44(0)7932 107109 | skype sxberry